The Southampton & District Philatelic Society Postal History Collection and Catalogue

The Southampton and District Philatelic Society has an extensive philatelic collection of items relating to the Southampton area which has been assembled and curated over some 85 years.

As of May 2019 an initial catalogue of the holdings is available, having taken nearly 4 years (2014 - 2018) to compile. There is still work to be done to catalogue the collections that have been donated to the Society and it is hoped to complete this in 6 - 8 months as there are only 20 volumes but containing much less material. This will lead to Volume 3 of the catalogue.

The catalogue is presented as an Excel spreadsheet available to download. There are also three copies available either from the Library at a Tuesday meeting, at the Thursday daytime meeting at Chandler's Ford or one is kept in the Archive collection and can be accessed at a Tuesday meeting.

View the contents of the Catalogue here.

Each Album is listed as a Tab within the spread sheet. Download the spread sheet here.

For assistance or enquiries contact the

If you wish to see a copy of a particular item in the catalogue then please provide the Curator with the reference number and they can either email you a scan, bring a scan to a Tuesday meeting or mail it to you. There will be a small charge to cover the cost of colour printing and postage. Contact the Curator to enquire. Also, if you want a copy of the Catalogue Database then this can be sent but it will be protected so that it cannot altered.

As an aid to understanding the abbreviations used in the spread sheet, you may wish to download the Abbreviations Summary which also contains a list of the contributors to the collection.

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